Wedding Fascinators

What separates between a “standard” fascinator and a wedding one

When it comes to headwear there are a lot of different options that you can choose, especially when it’s time to go to a wedding. Many women are starting to find out that there are a lot of different choices that are far from the traditional. These great new options involve a small hat of sorts known as fascinators.

These interesting little pieces are placed on the head and are not outlandish or as large as some of the other hat options that are given to women that are looking to go to a formal event. When looking at wedding fascinators, there are 3 ways to tell them apart from others, and it’s all in the design. Consider the following ways to tell a wedding option apart from just your average option.

  • Lace – If you see lace coming across the piece and over the forehead or side of the head once put into place, you will most likely be putting on a wedding option. Lace is one of the major ways to tell whether or not a fascinator is made for a formal event such as a wedding.
  • Colors – The wedding style is not just something that you will see in lace, you’ll see color changes most often. Often times the color will be off white, or something similar, but if you’re not the bride and are in the audience, you can find some that are matching dresses of various types.
  • Materials – The materials that are used for wedding options will fall in line with the dress types most commonly used for the event as well. It’s important to look  at the materials in conjunction with the colors, lace, and more to make sure that you’re moving forward with proper fashion.

(Some of these wedding fascinators come with veil and/or with entwined flowers, some will come without. It’s supplementary and not compulsory)

The above 3 ways to distinguish between fascinators is just a rudimentary check list that you can utilize for picking the right headwear for any event that you’re going to be going to. When you’re shopping around for a piece, you’ll notice the difference between regular styles and wedding styles just by the way they are retrofitted.

Some designers even clearly distinguish them with titles and names for their collections so that consumers can tell the difference far easier. You’ll find that the above 3 things will help you moving forward, especially in these modern times when things can get a little blurred in regards to what works with what outfit.

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