What is A Fascinator

What is A Fascinator

What is A Fascinator ?

For those that are unfamiliar with the fashion of hats and things that go on a person’s head, then the word fascinator has never been used in your vocabulary. It’s interesting to see that people of all ages and backgrounds are starting to take note of this amazing piece that accents any major outfit.

The fascinator is a headpiece of sorts that can be made of a variety of different materials, and is often times made of wool, lace, or even combination materials and topped with feathers. This type of headwear can be utilized instead of a hat in many occasions, and is often seen in events like weddings, and formal parties.

In modern times the accents that are placed on these pieces have gone through some major changes. The changes have been something of an interesting point of interest, especially since more and more women are starting to take note of the intricate design and patterns that are placed atop each piece. For instance, some pieces have flowers, beads, ornamental pieces, feathers, and so much more.

The creativity that is utilized to make the hats work well is beyond simplicity, even though there are some simple options that are of interest to those that are willing to look into the available options.

Securing the headpiece is something of a tricky endeavor, especially since most aren’t used to utilizing them in modern events. The way it is held to the head is with a clip or even a bobby pin. Several clips are required for larger options, and it’s important to make sure that the fit is good before moving forward with any exhibition.

Whether you utilize a fancy style, or simply want to dress up with something other than the standard hat for any major event you end up at, it’s crucial to look into getting a fascinator. You’ll find that the versatility of this piece is epic, and for most, that’s something that many don’t realize in these modern times. If you have been on the fence with choosing this option, give it a shot, and you’ll see why it’s the most important accessory you can add to any outfit.

Whether you’re going to a formal event, a private party, or anything in between, you will enjoy a greatness that will make you the star of the party, at least in a fashion sense. Fashion and functionality go hand in hand with this great item.

Why choose a Fascinator?

The Fascinator hat is a beautiful accessory that not only looks great and finishes off any outfit perfectly, they are also fun to wear and can make an average style appear priceless. While many hair fascinators come in the form of a hat, others are more of a ‘hair decoration‘ than ‘hat’ as they do not always have a complete base and instead only fine decorations such as feathers, lace and other light materials.

hair fascinator
One of many styles of hair fascinator!

A hair fascinator is an excellent alternative to wearing a traditional hat however they can easily be combined with a hat to liven it up!

Why So Popular?

One main reason why fascinator hats remain so popular, especially at special occasions like weddings, evening or sporting events is that they are a lot less cumbersome and comfortable compared to a traditional hat. The designs also tend to be a lot more ambitious and exciting; they can be worn in any position of the head, at the front, back or either side and can easily be woven into hair curls if you are feeling even more adventurous!

Because these fabulous accessories can be worn in so many positions and made with such a wide variety of materials and come in such differing shapes and sizes, there are literally thousands of different designs on the market. In fact by making your own hair fascinator, the design is only limited by your imagination. A great thing about head-wear like this is that there are no rules to how it should be made or look like. For example should it be incorporated into the hair? Sit on a base? Maybe you will add it to an existing hat or just fit it with a hairband?

red fascinator
Stunning red hair fascinator…

Hair fascinators are so versatile that they have more recently become fashion accessories added to brooches and bags for example and they continue to evolve in shape and size as well as purpose.

The reason these ladies dress hats are such a popular accompaniment with evening attire and special formal dress is no doubt thanks to the beautiful combination of vibrant colors, feathers, crystals, sequins and organza that they tend to be made from, giving them an original look and making the wearer unmistakably stand-out.

Whether you are looking for a fascinator hat to buy or to make yourself, it is guaranteed to finish of your outfit perfectly and make you stand out from the crowd. Take a look to see what materials you need to make your own hair fascinator, get professional Milliner help or even see how to make a living out of fashion design.

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