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Learn all about different designs, where to get them cheap and also how to make a fascinator yourself for next to nothing!

There are so many designs, patterns, shapes and sizes out there that you are sure to be able to find that perfect match to accessorize any outfit in no time!


Here are the topics I would cover:

  • Define fascinator hats what fascinator hats are (read more).
  • Explain you how to wear it (read more).
  • Lay out the differences between a “normal” fascinator and a wedding-suitable one (read here).
  • Explain howcome it got so popular (read below).
  • Teach you the secrets of making a fascinator hat (read below).
  • Lay out what materials are required in order to make a fascinator (read below).
  • Explain my easy DIY methods for hat making (read below).
  • Recommend “A to Z style” e-books that will help you become an expert (read below or GO HERE to become an expert).
  • Recommend on another A-Z book that will teach you how to saw properly even if you have no prior experience.
  • Recommend on another e-book – if you have come here for the money and you intend to design fascinator hats for a living – read this book about How to become a successful fashion designer.
  • And hopefully much more. I try to refresh the material here once in a while. I hope you would like it.

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Fascinators & Cocktail Hats: The Basics

Our first proper post in the world of the fascinator hat concentrates on the basics and answers a few questions you may have regarding caring for your hair accessory or your cocktail hat.

So let’s get started!

What is a Fascinator?

Black Fascinator

Beautiful in black!

They are pieces of headwear worn by women and are traditionally made from fine materials such as lace or wool with special features such as feathers and other items arranged into delicate hair decorations.

These stylish head-pieces come in a huge array of styles, sizes and colors and are generally worn on “special” occasions such as weddings or other events. When worn in the evening they are often referred to as ‘cocktail hats’. The huge variety of styles, shapes and sizes means that there is a design for every occasion, outfit and woman!

This type of headpiece is a style of millinery though this term is not often used today.


How Is It Worn?

Of course the exact way of wearing a fascinator depends on the particular design and the style of hair/head it is being attached to! Generally speaking, they may be worn at the front of the head, on either side or at the back. Some cover the majority of the head while others are a smaller and slot into a smaller area of the hair.

You may also see that some fascinators form part of the hair style at the back in a chignon or in curls.


Caring for your Hat…

As with most things in life, your headpiece will last you many years if cared for properly.

Make sure that it is attached securely when it is being worn and not liable to be blown out in strong winds! Also when being worn outdoors, try your hardest to keep it away from rain (or any other water for that matter!).

Ensure that the headpiece is stored indoors at room temperature and away from direct sunlight to avoid fading. Ideally it should be kept in a box to keep it away from dust and to stop it becoming crushed or brittle.

Can I make my own?

Of course you can and it’s easier than you probably think, you don’t need to be a professional milliner to do so! Our “how to make a fascinator” guide is a good place to start or check this amazing ebook out. Just keep on scrolling below.

However if you really have zero creativity or just can’t be bothered then luckily fascinators and cocktail hats can be bought at very low prices! Of course it’s just not quite as fun or enjoyable as making your own!

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How to Make a Fascinator Hat – Material Ideas (Part 1)

Material Ideas

Here are techniques I have adopted from the awesome book of create your own fascinator. Before it I was a complete newbie to fascinator hat making methodologies.

Fascinators don’t have to be expensive and in fact they often don’t cost an arm and a leg like many people think. However making your own is not only the most cost effective way of looking gorgeous, but also gives you complete control on its design and is fun too!

Need help sewing? Click here…

Because ladies dress hats vary so much in design, you can really let your imagination go wild when making your own and there are no ‘rights or wrongs’. As easy as putting your own fascinator together may be, it can be a little daunting to know how to begin. Below we give you some examples of the materials and tools you may need to give you some ideas and get you started but please bear in mind that the following is not a complete list, nor do you have to use everything on there, it is simply meant to get your creative juices flowing for when you create your own fascinators.

black fascinator hat

Simple & elegant...


Fine needle
Knitting needle
Sewing machine
Safety pins
Stanley knife
Hat block
Steam iron
Black marker

Hat Bases

4cm to 10cm finely-woven or card circular base
Hair Clip
Plastic Base


Read more »

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How to Make a Fascinator Hat – The Fun Part! (Part 2)

fascinator hair comb

So many choices!

As many people know, learning how to make a fascinator or cocktail hat is expensive if you have proper millinery lessons. This helps explain why many people now prefer to learn at home at their own pace by following the guidance of a professional milliner.

Jacqueline Kolbe “how to make a fascinator” illustration guide, click here…

One such example is Jacqueline Kolbe – a pro for nearly two decades that has Harrod’s in Knightsbridge, London as a past client! Luckily Jacqueline has now decided to share with the world her secrets, skills and styles that have made her designs so desirable around the world so there is no need to pay for expensive milliner lessons – simply read her milliner report instead!

Her report simply entitled “How To Create Your Own Fabulous Fascinators and Creative Cocktail Hats!” shows you everything you need to know to make your own delightful hats and headwear. The step-by-step instructions and illustrations make sure that no matter what your skill level, you will be able to easily follow and make your own ladies dress hats with ease.

Making a Fascinator Hat

Below shows the chapters of what the courses provides and an overview of what is typically involved in making your own fascinators:

hat makingChapter 1 – Steaming
Preparation of the block and buckram through steaming.

Chapter 2 – Blocking
Block the buckram and get ready for the fun to begin!

Chapter 3 – Buckram Removal
Ensure you do this stage properly to keep the correct shape.

how to make hatsChapter 4 – Cocktail Bases
Go through the process of creating your own hat bases.

Chapter 5 – Wiring & Binding
Securing wire for shape and stability.

Chapter 6 – Buckram Base Covering
Making your base look finished and giving it personality in design.

hat making made easyChapter 7 – Rose Creation
Step-by-step rose design creation.

Chapter 8 – Bow Creation
Another step-by-step illustration, this time for creating bow’s.

Chapter 9 – Feather Creation
As above but for feathers, one of the most used materials on fascinators.

easy hat makingChapter 10 – Cocktail Construction
Bring all of the parts together to make one. Ensure the construction is solid.

Chapter 11 – Finishing
Add the finishing touches that make all the difference!

Chapter 12 – Final Touches
Assemblance and attachment as well as feather pruning and other post-creation necessities.

hat making ideas[Note - Not all stages above may be required depending on the style of hat you intend to make.]

Making most types of hats including fascinators always involves following a certain process, yet when it comes to making your own fascinator this can be a bit skewed simply because the designs vary so much for ladies dress hats. However, by learning all of the steps outlined in a course like Jacqueline’s above will ensure that no matter what type, style or design that you are trying to create, you will be skilfully prepared to tackle the task successfully.

Be sure to check out Jacqueline’s “how to make a fascinator hat” report, and please come back here to post your comments as I’d love to hear your feedback on her ebook. Better yet please come back and share your pictures of your fascinator hats as we’d all love to see them!

Above all just have fun learning how to make a fascinator – the whole process gives great satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment!

Did you miss Part 1? See what materials you may need here to make your own fascinator hat…

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